In General Meeting at Isand In 1963 many serious discussion and dialogue have took place for establishing Hostel and office of Parishad at Ahmedabad Leading Gentleman and Social Worker of that time
Late shri Jivanlal Gor ,
Late Shri Umashanker Trivedi (Baristar ),
Late Shri Vasudevbhai Joshi ,
Late Shri Manilal Dhaneshwar Joshi ,
Late Shri Jayshankerbhai Upadhyay


All were seriously thinking to do something for Hostel and office of Parishad on the same time leading and respected social worker of Ahmedabad zone Late Shri Jivanlal Gor And His brother Late Shri Narhariprasad Gor has Taken Historical decision and Donate Land B/H Balvatika Maninagar –Ahmedabad in the memory of their Mother “VASANT BA” to construct Hostal and office of Parishad.


Our Society of Trivedi Mevada will be grateful for ever of Gor Family for such a Huge Donation.


Our Team of that time has taken up this opportunity very strongly and started all activity with full of enthusiastic
Flow of Donation started coming from every where
On 28/09/1963 foundation stone was laid for this building
On 06/10/1965 “JAGAD GURU SHRI SHANKARACHARAYA” Has Arrived and Bless to all
All Trivedimevadas of mumbay came forward and arrange successful fund raising program where 1 LAKHS has been collected for Parishad. Thus for the student of Trivedi Mevada’s one gracious and full Building have constructed by the Help of Our society
On 10/05/1968 office and Hostel building inaugurated
The Dream which Shaw by our great Elders in 1910 became true in 1968. We salute the spirit of our society. Basically we are fighters and always prove that we never gave up. We here with give the name of our some of the Beginner who has given their Unforgettable Contribution to construct this Building. But we should also remember the contribution from all corner of society
Land of vasant vadi – shri jivanlal Gor
21000/- shri Jayshanker Upadhya for Hostel
15000/- shri Jamanadas Tanna for Guest House
31000/-shri Bhechardas Ambalal Pandya for Bhechardas Hall
81001/-shri Motibhai Pandya for Dining Hall
These are the pillar of Donation for our Parishad at that time.


Facility in our Buildings of Vasant Vadi
32 student can be accommodate in this Hostel Name “Sheth Shri Hiralal Prabhlal Chhatralay” 
Giving food subsidy to Hostel student
Guest House for our society members
Hall for all occasion
Office of Parishad and Jyoti Magazine
We all are proud of our “Akhil Hind Trivedi Mevada Brahmin Parishad “ by showing solid unity we could construct such a good building