In addition to that our elders were constantly and seriously thinking to have our own Guest House at “EKLINGIJI” So our people can go there and stay there for Darshan of DADA A Land has been purchased there and after many efforts and by the grace of DADA and help of Yevla family we could construct a beautiful Guest house there named “sheth shri Hiralal Parbhuram Ahthigruh”.


This guest house was inaugurated by prominent figure and Rana of Mevar Shri Arvind sinh Rana and huge mass of our society was witnessd in such a marvelous begning. We must be thankful of daughters of Baristar Shri Umashnker Trivedi for giveng huge financial support to construct Our Guest House.


Renovation and updating of facility in Guest House is a continuous process by the help of our people. Many steps have been taken and our team is planning to take more and more steps for improving facility to our people.


We are from Mavers and our God is “SHRI EKLINGIJI DADA”. Most of us are going for Darshan of our god once in year at Shri Eklingiji Dham Kailashpuri –near Udaipur –Rajasthan.


We migrate from mevars 450 years AGO and the Route of Eklingiji Dham is approx. 495 kms from Gujarat When ever we go their we were facing problem of Staying. Our Trustees of Parishad and whole society started thinking to buildup one Guest House there buy a Our Parishad taken a action and by the grace of God Eklingiji. We buy a land there for Guest House by the full co-operation of our society and leading part of “Yevalla Family” shri Maheshbhai Upadhyay. We completed construction of “SHETH SHRI HIRALA PRABURAM ATHIGRUH” Which was inaugurated by Rana of mevar shri Arvindsing ji. People of our society from all over india gathered and present in this auspicious occasion.