Who We Are?

With a grace and Blessing of God “Shri Eklingiji Dada” and dedication of some wise men of our Trivedi Mevada Samaj thought process for need of one social platform has started 110 year ago i.e in 1910


Our Elders Meet one day fine morning and put forward the thought about need of one platform where all Trivedi Mevadas can come in to contact and come close , strong unity can be form to create social bonding of all Branches of our Trivedi Mevada Brahmins These respected Elders work very hard and put high effort to start “Parishad” with Good intense as above


Due to Hard work, commitment and dedication BY team of that time our Parshid Established in 1914 Late shri Muljibhai Kevalram Upadhyay declared as first president and 1st meeting held in Ahmedabad


Many suggestion and many idea evolve during that time that how to regularize and run the Parishad


Our Intellectual Wise and learned Elders have Drafted Constitution and given Legal Approval By meeting on 24 may 1936 even before constitution of India comes in existence!!! What a admirable achievement we must remember salute these Great People


Thus Series of meeting and work of Parishad was going on but we did not have any Hostel in Ahmedabad. Student who wanted to stay and study in Ahmedabad are facing problem of Hostel. Even Parishad did not have Its Own Office



Our beloved “Purshottam Das kaka “ has take initiative to start JYOTI for Publishing news and views of all Zone of our Group This magazine has passed through many Tough time but now it is a Creditable and reliable Magazine Of Trivedi Mevadas

Education committee


For the encouragement and Appreciation of our bright student our beloved M.D shri Maheshbhai Upadhyay has started this activity and set up ma committee to enhance this activity


We are honoring student of 10 and 12 th on all India bases. A separate fund has been raised to run this activities. Our trustee and donar shri sheryasbhai vishnuprasad pandya is giving significant contribution for prize distribution. Education is only solution for upliftment of ant society. We must co-operate and participate in any activities with is related of education.

Mahila samitee


We should also encourage our ladies wing for progress of our society. Without involving them and using Strength of ladies no society can progress well. With this good intense we have formed Mahila Samitee and doing very good social work under the leadership of Mrs Bhavana Mehta.


Dear Friends Thus the Parishad is a Platform to keep our people to gather and created a good Unity for progress of our society. We should support and co-operate each other in all activities of this platform.

Our Team

Harshad R Pandya
Harshad R Pandya


Prakash M Pandya
Prakash M Pandya